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  • We strive to deliver cost-effective and adaptive technology solutions that enable our clients to meet their business objectives and goals, and gain a greater return on their investment.

About Softlander Systems

We are a total ICT Solution Company providing Custom software development, web application development, Networking solutions, ICT consultancy, business process automation, Hardware maintenance, and etc .
We serve our services in broad range of businesses in a variety of industries, from medical to legal, manufacturing, retail, service companies , trading companies , government entities and non-profit organizations.
We strive to deliver cost-effective and adaptive technology solutions that enable our clients to meet their business objectives and goals, and gain a greater return on their investment.

Our Vision

“To be a premier provider of Project Management, Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services.”

Our Mission

“To work in partnership with our clients to provide business centric Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services that are cost effective and provide value.”

We have developed our portfolio and now offer additional services in IT Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, IT Training, Business Application Design & Support, Network Design & Support, Network Security, Client/Server Hardware & Software Services and Help Desk Services.

Business Support

ICT Solutions provides a wide range of business and support services to suit all sizes of company. Our Service Level Agreements are designed to provide peace of mind.

Small Business Focus

With our knowledge and wide range of network experience, we are able to design, manage and install effective networks especially for small businesses. We can supply high-quality hardware and advise on, and install, the appropriate software for your business needs.

Business Start-ups

We are particularly experienced in helping to set up new businesses and can supply most of the start-up products and services you might need, including:

  • Telecoms
  • Broadband Internet
  • Web design and construction

We can supply hardware and software from top manufacturers, provide professional advice based on your needs and help you develop your IT capability and network resources. We also offer a wide range of business services through our alliance groups. Consultancy and advice come as part of the Service Level Agreement, inclusive in the price.
Our focus is on helping you get the best from your IT Systems and making IT work for you.

IT Security

The security of business IT systems has never been so important. As businesses rely more and more on IT to manage their business activities, so they become increasingly vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses – and even their own employees.

Protecting Business Information

One of the most important business assets is information. As a core asset within all businesses it has value and so, like any other asset, needs to be protected. Nowadays, your business information is held in many places: on servers, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, by third party companies and on the Internet.

Security Review

Understanding the risks associated with access to this information, and protecting it, can be a real challenge. This is where ICT Solutions can help. By carrying out a security review, we can analyse your business and uncover security issues with your IT equipment and network systems. We’ll advise you on:

Antivirus solutions and how to manage viruses
Backing up your data with both local and online back-up solutions
Firewalls, routers and how to manage inbound and outbound ports
Network security and file management
Please contact us for further details and book your review today.

ICT Training

On-site, or in a local training room, we’ll provide a jargon-free and insightful training experience that’s both practical and entertaining. Training maximises the benefit your business gains from your staff as they learn to unleash the potential at their fingertips.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke, focused training is the key to getting the most from your employees. Our training programmes will provide all you need, and more, to increase productivity and boost your staff’s confidence in the effective use of IT.

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